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We are on the cusp of Spring here in Winnipeg – really! It may not seem like it out there because it’s that time of year when things are so in flux. Temperature become moderate then plummet, streets clear as the snow and ice melt and then another storm arrives. It seems never ending, but truly it’s all part of the cycle, and beyond the dark and dreary, hope springs eternal.


 We feel like that too here at the Winehouse. Spring gives us the chance to do a little housekeeping of our own, even as we ensure that as many of your old favorites as possible are still around. However, things change and as you’d expect, the Winehouse continues to bring new wines to our shelves for you to enjoy. So stop by and we’ll be glad to acquaint you with them! A new wine is a joy to discover, whether it’s here at the store or at the table of one of our fantastic Restaurant Partners. Check our website to see who they are, and make sure to pay them a visit! You won’t be disappointed.


CornerVine is also available through our website, giving you the chance to review through computer or smart phone your wine purchases and/or all of the store’s diverse inventory. Check it out just by clicking on CornerVine, or we’d be happy to tell you all about it in person!


We continue to offer our guests the chance to book private wine-tasting events here in the House, as these have been immensely popular. For a group of 8 or more, we can tailor a custom-made wine-tasting or wine-dinner event just for you.


Now that our 2nd Annual Manitoba Wine-Tasting Championship is completed, look for  a return of our themed events to provide fun, educational opportunities to explore wine together. Check the Events Calendar to see what’s upcoming and book your spot. Make sure to ask us about these wine events, as we’re always happy to make a little magic happen. 


Haven’t heard about our MB Wine-Tasting Championship yet? Well, find your way to the menu bar on the top of the page and click for details to see what all the fuss is about. That way you can start thinking about next year’s chance to “taste wine like a pro”.


As always, our staff is happy to help, providing you with the excellent service and support you’ve come to expect in making any of your wine selections. You can also find us on Social Media sites such as Facebook (Wine House), Twitter (@ticoswinehouse), or by phone (204-275-6660), email, or in person at the store. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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