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Owner / Co-founder

Retired from a 15+ year law career, Karen, who has always been quietly involved in The Winehouse, now has time to dive into her family passion.



General Manager

With fresh new ideas, Marlies has been involved in the wine and restaurant world for over 30 years. With a deep love for learning and research, she is always on top of the latest trends and seeking out your next favourite find!

Assistant General Manager

With over 20 years experience in the restaurant industry and having completed two levels in the International Sommelier Guild program, Lucy continues to contribute knowledge and passion to The Winehouse and restaurant services.


Jeff P


Jeff has been with the Winehouse since 2007.  Always cheerful and ready to help you make a selection.


Brittany M - Events Coordinator


Brittany discovered her love of wine while catering to VIP's at Disney World. Armed with WSET Level 2 and CMS 1, Brittany specializes in the more abstract grapes and wines.


Ryan S


With an eye for business and having experience in both restaurant and retail, Ryan brings enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge!

Gords pic.jpg

Gord F


What do you do after putting away bad guys for 35 years?  Put away some good wine.  Gord wishes there was more time to to try all the wine in the store.


Myron H


Myron has many years of experience in customer service and sales with his time at Hudson's Bay Co..  But his true passion is wine; with WSET1, he'll definitely help you select the perfect bottle.


Paulo C


The latest addition to the Winehouse.  Paulo will ensure both Restaurants and home customers get their wine promptly and in good order.


Frank H


Semi retired, but Frank can't sit still, continuing his education with WSET1, he'll bring you your wine right to your door with a smile on his face.

Doug B


Fresh off of a career in Law Enforcement, Doug brings his calm and cool nature in helping organize and set up the day for deliveries. 

Annu T


As a veteran in the industry, Annu has extensive experience in food and wine pairing and catering events. Quick with a smile and always eager to help!


Katie A


After a brief Maternity leave, Katie is back and excited to be working with wine again!

WSET 2 and plenty of retail experience, we are glad to welcome Katie back.


Alena J


You can find Alena at the Winehouse on weekends and holidays.  With more than 12 years experience and her WEST1 - She'll lead you to the perfect bottle.


Tamatha C - Retail Supervisor


Tamatha is a retired Nurse who has a serious passion for wine, especially old world classics.  WSET 2 and Spanish Wine Scholar certified, Tam is a wealth of knowledge.


Jonah L

Jonah knows the city routes like the back of his hand! Whether it's a bottle to your front door or a weeks worth of restaurant wine, he'll get it to you lickety split and with a smile on his face!

Nathan K


Nathan joined the team in 2020.  Young and ambitious with a head for helping people and business, Nate is sure to lead you your newest favourite wine.

Andy C - Accounting


Andy does more than just keep the books.  He also drinks the wine and tells the joke(s).


Julia C


You'll find Julia behind the scenes helping balance the books whilst pursuing her Master's degree 

from our house to your home

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