Owner / Co-founder

Retired from a 15 + year law career, Karen, who has always been quietly involved in The Winehouse, now has time to dive into her family passion.



Jeff P


Jeff has been with the Winehouse since 2007.  Always cheerful and ready to help you make a selection.

Gord F


What do you do after putting away bad guys for 35 years?  Put away some good wine.  Gord wishes there was more time to to try all the wine in the store.


Frank H


Semi retired, but Frank can't sit still.  He'll bring you your wine right to your door.

Haylee S


We call Haylee Birdie, because every winter she migrates to the Winehouse to make our custom made baskets in store.  Then just as quickly as she appears - she's gone for another year.

Nathan K


Nathan Joined the team in 2020.  Young and ambitious with a head for helping people and business.


Director of Operations

Tom has been with The Winehouse since it opened as "Pembina Fine Wines" back in June 1999.  He became the Director when the store relocated to it's current location in March 2009.

Brittany M


Brittany learned a lot about wine by taking care of VIP's at Disney World. Armed with WSET Level 2, Brittany specialized in the more abstract grapes and wines.

Myron H


Myron has many years experience in customer service and sales with his time at Hudson's Bay Co..  But his passion is wine; and he'll definitely help you select the perfect bottle.

Patrick F


Deliver, stock, help customers, social media - There's nothing Patrick can't do. Joining the team in 2020 and looking to learn all aspects of the business.

Brittney H


Britney Joined the Team in 2020.  Always smiling and ready to help out.  This small town working mom will charm you to the perfect wine.

Alena J


You can find Alena at the Winehouse on weekends and holiday's   more than 10 years experience - She'll lead you to the perfect bottle.


Assistant Manager

With over 15 years experience in the restaurant industry and having completed two levels in the ISG program, Lucy continues to add to her experience at The Winehouse.

Dani Lee S


Dani has been with the Winehouse since 2010. Did you know that all of our wine baskets are in-house made?  Dani runs that service from our mezzanine  floor.

Paulo C


The latest addition to the Winehouse.  Paulo will ensure both Restaurants and home customers get their wine promptly and in good order.




Over 15 years at the Winehouse.  No one has more passion for wine and service than JR. He'll recommend a beautiful bottle of wine in Italian, French or English.

Tamatha C


Tamatha is a retired Nurse who has a serious passion for wine.  Especially old world classics.  WSET 2 certified, Tamatha is a wealth of Knowledge.

Andy C


Andy does more that just keep the books.  He also drinks the Wine and tells the joke(s).

Julia C


You'll find Julia at the Store Weekends pouring samples of  your new favorite wine.