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We're a wine store, but we are also so much more....

Polar Bear lunch

Gus and Tony's annual Polar Bear Lunch 2016. Proceeds go to the MTFYP. The Winehouse was there. Freezing.

Any other wine stores have silk acrobats? We're pretty sure not.

The Winehouse

From our Birthday when we turned 15 years old.

The Winehouse from the offices

We have a spacious and welcoming store.

The Kitchen

You might notice that we have a fully stocked kitchen...

Looking at our kitchen.

The kitchen can be used for meetings...

Intimate gathering

Small gatherings....

large wine seminar

For special occasions, we can accommodate larger parties.

Peter Dennis

Guests, like winemaker Peter Dennis (center) like to pop by occasionally.

Wedding at the winehouse

Our store is so beautiful, we were even requested to have a wedding here.

Our cellar

The temperature and humidity controlled cellar is where you can find some real treats....

Our warehouse

And in case you were wondering where we like to keep our stock - we have an outside warehouse, that's pretty big.

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