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It is bittersweet to announce that after 22 years of dedication to the Winehouse and to Pembina Fine Wines, our longest standing employee and Director of Operations, Tom Bima, has decided that it's time for a change.
In recognition of the 22 years with the Winehouse, Tom has chosen 22 wines that are near and dear to him. Introducing Tom's Top 22! They are either an original find from one of his many wine travels, spark up a special memory to Tom, or just one of his go-to's. All wines will be featured and on sale through to the end of July. 
Thanks Bima for all your hard work, for keeping us laughing and for 22 years of awesome wines!

Image by Maksym Kaharlytskyi

Every week at the Winehouse we'll feature something new and fresh.
Two of the mainstays are our staff picks week, where the staff show off what they like.  As well as our Grape Reveal Week, where we show off all the recent wine arrivals!!
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