March Madness

March 1st - 6:00pm.  Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon - Zoom

March 4th - 5:30pm Tragolargo Red - Instagram Live

March 6th - 4:00pm Grasevina - Zoom

March 9th - 5:00pm Christobel's Moscato -Zoom

March 12th - 8:00pm Arrogant Frog Cab Merlo - Zoom

March 13th - 5:30pm Cave Spring Pinot Gris - Zoom

March 16th - 6:00pm La Ferla Nero D'Avola - Zoom

March 19th - 5:30pm Wente Sandstone Merlot - Zoom

March 20th - 6:30pm Decibel Rose - Zoom

March 23rd - 1:00PM  Imako Vransec - Zoom

March 25th - 7:30pm La Posta Tinto - Zoom

March 28th - 2:00pm  Cameleon White - Zoom

To get a look at the Sign up codes and passwords to join in the fun, click HERE

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