Pre Order Opportunity!

Every once in a while - the Winehouse will come across a product that is great, but possibly not "commercially popular".  Honestly, we're just not sure if the Winnipeg market would gravitate to some wines - despite the fact that they are exceptionally made wines.
Here - We'll put you in the drivers seat.  We'll offer these products at a significant discount as a pre-purchase opportunity.  You get to buy the wines for far less than expected retail, but just like us, you need to buy them weeks or months in advance of them arriving to Winnipeg.
Click HERE to see the deal we're offering now!!  But hurry - Time is very limited.  Your order needs to be in by Noon on April 30th
If you are interested in pre-purchasing the wines, please fill out THIS ORDER FORM and email it to
These wines are great - and you're getting a great deal if you pre-purchase.
Thanks for your participation!!

Click on the order form (The Word Document), fill it out and email it to to place your order.

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